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Hourly Zoom Room Equipment Rental

Zoom meetings, hearings, mediations, and depositions don’t always work from home, especially when kids and pets are around. Even if you don’t have interruptions at home, you may not have all the desk space you need or a professional looking background. Using our zoom room equipment allows you to make your best impression, plus you get to use your laptop for everything else you need to do with your computer.


zoom room equipment
zoom room equipment
zoom room equipment
zoom room equipment

Satisfied Zoom Room Equipment Rental Customers

During the pandemic and Zoom hearings, it’s been wonderful to have Zoom capabilities in the conference rooms, especially for clients that struggle with technology. The technology, equipment, and set-up has been seamlessly and effortlessly easy. Thank you for making me look good!

Eric Bain

Attorney, Bain Law

“I have used the MoreLaw Minneapolis Zoom facilities for several of my cases.  The system uses the latest technology and widescreen monitors to make it easy to communicate with all participants.  The picture and sound are excellent and easily adjustable.  The network connection is rock solid and I never have problems like a frozen screen or garbled audio.  I feel very safe even if a client is with me on site.  I can stay with my client in the very large conference room that allows plenty of room for social distancing or I can leave my client and go into one of the many adjacent conference rooms to participate on my laptop. I believe Zoom/Remote hearings will be a major part of future litigation and MoreLaw is well prepared to make it easy.”

Michael Fink

Family Law Attorney, Michael Fink Law

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked from time to time, but this list isn’t by any means exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Can I use your equipment for something other than zoom?

Heck, yeah! You can use our equipment for any web based video conferencing application like Microsoft Teams, Skype, WebX . . . and so on. 

How can I book the zoom room equipment?

Just like with our conference rooms, zoom equipment renters are always welcome to use our online booking reservation system, accessible from the “Make a Reservation” button on our home page. We don’t mind at all, though, if you give us a call or send us an email to check availability and make a booking.

Do I need to also book a conference room?

Yes. We can set up any of our conference rooms as zoom rooms, but you’ll need to make a reservation for your preferred conference room first.

I’ll need to get everyone in the room on camera. How does that work?

We’ll be glad to set up the zoom room to get everyone on camera and microphone, or to only get one person on camera – let us know how you would like it set up and we’ll accommodate your needs.

There will be several people with laptops also logged into the zoom in our room. Is that okay?

Yes. When there is more than one computer logged into the same conference in the same proximity, it works out fine as long as the sound and microphone are active only on one computer (usually our zoom room equipment) and all the others are muted on both microphones and speakers. Don’t worry, though, we’ll help you get it all set up and working right.

I will need to show documents with screen sharing for my video conference. How can I do that?

You can use a USB flash drive to store your documents and plug it into the USB slot on the front of our zoom room computer. You’ll have the mouse and keyboard, so you’ll be in control of the computer.

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