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MoreLaw Minneapolis is the perfect place to thrive as a solo firm. The experienced staff supports your every need, empowering your business to succeed while putting your mind at ease. Whether you have a physical or virtual presence, MoreLaw offers a variety of affordable options and creative solutions.  The high caliber of lawyers and staff at MoreLaw sets it apart. I highly recommend it to any attorney hanging a shingle or seeking to take their practice to the next level.

Areti Georgopoulos

Attorney at Law, Harmony Law Firm, PLLC

Morelaw has been an enormous benefit to my practice. Their approach gives my firm the ability to have top-notch office space at a fraction of the cost and without the headaches of a typical office lease. The location is ideal, just steps away from all of the downtown courthouses. The staff is phenomenal and always goes above and beyond. And they offer all of the amenities that I could ask for. What separates Morelaw from other office sharing set ups, it that it is tailored specifically for attorneys. That makes a difference. I only need to see the impression the office makes on my clients to know that I made the right choice in moving here.

Stuart Nostdahl

Attorney at Law, Davern McLeod & Nostdahl LLP

MoreLaw has been the perfect place to start and grow my solo practice. The services are comprehensive, from mail handling to phone answering to conference rooms, and incredibly flexible. The best part is the exceptionally supportive and friendly staff who are always ready to help, even on short notice! MoreLaw is exactly what I’ve needed every step of the way.

Cresston Gackle

Attorney, Cresston Law LLC

MoreLaw has taken away all the administrative duties and headaches that come with running your own office – allowing me to concentrate on my practice. MoreLaw has a remarkable sense of community and collegial atmosphere that starts right at the top and permeates the entire office.

Charles J. Noel

Attorney, The Law Office of Charles J. Noel, PLLC

I have been with MoreLaw since I started my firm in 2014, and I consider the owners and staff my friends. There has not been a time when I have considered that the MoreLaw people have done less than I expected, and but there have been times when they have done more. I was able to get excellent meeting spaces, consistent handling of calls and mail, and even an occasional fax from a stone-age sender.  Especially in these COVID times, it is good to know that I can rely on MoreLaw to keep me in touch with my clients and my resources.

Mark S McNeil

Attorney, Principal, McNeil Global Law LLC

MoreLaw has been an excellent solution for my firm, Van Norman Law, PLLC–especially over the last year. Like many firms, to continue to serve my clients, I’ve had to pivot to use significantly more tech and remote-work tools. MoreLaw has been right there with all the support I’ve needed, adapting quickly to meet every challenge. They offer the same high level of “professionalism with a personal touch” to everyone who comes in the door, and to every attorney who partners with them. Whenever a small-firm or solo attorney colleague is looking for office space or any other legal administrative support service, I have and will continue to refer them only to MoreLaw.

Sara K. Van Norman

Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, Van Norman Law, PLLC

Since moving my practice to MoreLaw Minneapolis, my revenues have increased because I believe, the quality of the office and the exceptional courtesy given to my clients by the MoreLaw staff have reflected well on me. I am delighted to call MoreLaw my professional home.

Fabian Hoffner

Attorney at Law, The Hoffner Law Firm Ltd.

MoreLaw provides a level of service and professionalism that always exceeds my expectations and those of my clients. Their suite of services allows me to focus on the practice of law. Officing with them is one of the best choices I have made for my law practice

Tyler Bliss

Attorney at Law

Clients have not complained once about parking downtown. If anything, I’ve attracted more clients with the prestige of a downtown law office. The services and decor are professional. I love being next to the courthouse, other lawyers for networking, services, and the transit line! The MoreLaw Minneapolis people get what we need, because they’re lawyers too! I can focus on my practice because I no longer worry about being nickel-and-dimed like other office suites. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never does!

Satveer Chaudhary

Immigration Attorney, Chaudhary Law Office

I have been a customer of MoreLaw for many years and I love it. The location is great – downtown but not right downtown. There is skyway or tunnel access to City Hall, Government Center, Federal Courthouse, and to within 50 feet of the Family Justice Center. The physical space is modern and open; there are 6 great conference rooms available. You can tell the space was developed by an attorney for attorneys. MoreLaw knows how to treat their clients. I like that I am not paying an extra quarter for every copy I make or a dollar for every fax page I receive. The best thing about MoreLaw is the staff. They are always friendly and cooperative. It’s great to know that my clients are treated well from the time they come into the suite. I spent a lot of time looking for office space and I think I hit the jackpot.

Bill Casey

Family Law Attorney, William Casey Law Office LLC

MoreLaw Minneapolis is my “virtual” office address. The space, which includes a gracious and open reception area and a series of beautiful conference rooms, is there when I need it for client meetings and depositions. The available services, including office automation and high-speed internet, are up to date and easy to use – and most are included. The staff is experienced, committed, and kind, and they keep me closely advised of telephone and walk-in contacts, and incoming mail. The location is next door to the Minneapolis federal courthouse and two blocks from the Hennepin County Courthouse. It all works, and I’m a big fan.

Scott Wilson

Appellate Attorney

A common challenge for new solo & small lawyers is finding cost-effective professional space to host meetings, schedule depositions, or gather the troops for trial. MoreLaw’s beautiful reception area and conference rooms feature great light, stylish décor, and plenty of amenities: no matter who’s coming to visit, MoreLaw helps me rise to the occasion. It’s also an unbeatable skyway-connected location in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. But what really sets MoreLaw apart is its sense of community. The Hanlons always welcome you like you just made their day, and they’ve attracted a group of practitioners that is vibrant, enthusiastic, and diverse. My office may be “virtual,” but I’m part of a community that’s real.

Karin Ciano

Attorney at Law, Karin Ciano Law PLLC