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Physical Office Space & Office Services

Our physical office space comes with all the services and amenities included. Plus great neighbors, and from time to time great dogs.


Offices small and large, with and without exterior windows

The advantages of having an attractive office space located in downtown Minneapolis, connected via skyway to the immediately adjacent to the Federal Courthouse Building, are immeasurable.

If you need four walls and a space to call your own, we have you covered. Our offices range from 86 square feet to 210 square feet, some with windows and some without. Window offices feature tall ceilings and wonderful views. Our facility is designed so that even interior spaces get natural light. Call us or simply stop by to see what we have available.

Meet Tony Hayes

Tony Hayes started out fourteen years ago in a fifty-attorney firm doing civil litigation, mostly on the defense side. As much as he didn’t want to admit it at the time, he hated it. He hated having to do everything he could to win cases he thought should be settled but his boss wanted litigated; he hated having to bow to the firm politics in everything . . . how he dressed, how he played the billable hours requirement and partner track game, how he managed clients,  and even what he did in his (very little) free time.

A few years ago, Tony met up with Corey, an old friend from law school, for lunch. They were close in law school and shortly after taking their first jobs but had drifted apart and only occasionally chatted over the last several years. Corey started his career at a much smaller and less prestigious firm but had left that firm after three years to start his own firm with another colleague. That partnership lasted five years before his law partner decided to take an in-house counsel position at a growing company, and that left Corey as a de facto solo practitioner. Tony thought Corey’s career track was unfortunate and had the idea that Corey would be a bit embarrassed by it.

Somehow it came up in conversation and Tony realized that Corey loved his practice for the most part and wouldn’t trade places with Tony for anything. Plus, Corey was making almost as much money as Tony, but with a lot less stress and a whole lot more autonomy. Tony was stunned. That lunch was the catalyst that had Tony think about what his life could look like if he left the big-firm behind.

Later that year, firm politics shifted as they sometimes do, and Tony was on the wrong side of the political dividing line when it came time to allocate end of the year bonuses. Tony still got a decent bonus, but not in line with what he had received in the past, and certainly not in line with the cases he had originated and the revenues his billables had brought into the firm.

Tony knew he was a rainmaker, and if he could do that for the big firm, he could do that for himself. He knew what he was doing in his cases – he had literally handled hundreds of cases. What he was terrified of, though, was what people would think if he went out on his own and failed. He worried that he wouldn’t be taken as seriously if he was on his own. He worried that there were things about running a practice that he didn’t know a thing about because it was always handled by someone else – the IT department, the marketing department, his paralegal, and the office manager.

Despite all those concerns, Tony decided to take the leap and start a solo firm, and a handful of clients came with him. He took a window office at MoreLaw Minneapolis, partly because it was a great space right next to the courthouse, but also because much of his worries were taken off his plate. Phones, internet, and copiers were included; all he needed was his laptop. His calls were answered professionally, and the receptionist was always there to make a good impression on his clients. There were plenty of conference rooms for client meetings and depositions, and he could even host mediations. He never had to worry about ordering more paper, making the coffee, scheduling for document shredding, or any of the dozens of other small but important things that you don’t notice if they are being handled, but can be crippling if you have to handle them but don’t have the time. And he could predict what his expenses would be because everything except the hourly rate for the paralegal he occasionally used was included (and he billed her hours back to the client, with a bit of margin, so they weren’t really expenses in the end).

Tony’s practice grew and eventually he found himself in a case with his old firm on the other side. He was a bit nervous when two of his former colleagues were coming to his office for the court mandated mediation session, but when they came they were impressed with the facilities, the professionalism of “his” staff (which are really the whole community’s staff), and the quality of the other colleagues whose names were on the door.

Today, Tony wouldn’t trade his practice for his old life at the big firm. He has a lot less stress and a lot more satisfaction with his practice and his life.

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We have a variety of spaces to fit every budget – small or large offices, with windows or without.

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Satisfied Physical Office Customers

I have been a customer of MoreLaw for many years and I love it. The location is great – downtown but not right downtown. There is skyway or tunnel access to City Hall, Government Center, Federal Courthouse and to within 50 feet of the Family Justice Center. The physical space is modern and open; there are 6 great conference rooms available. You can tell the space was developed by an attorney for attorneys. MoreLaw knows how to treat their clients. I like that I am not paying an extra quarter for every copy I make or a dollar for ever fax page I receive. The best thing about MoreLaw is the staff. They are always friendly and cooperative. It’s great to know that my clients are treated well from the time they come into the suite. I spent a lot of time looking for office space and I think I hit the jackpot.

Bill Casey

Family Law Attorney, William Casey Law Office LLC

Clients have not complained once about parking downtown. If anything, I’ve attracted more clients with the prestige of a downtown law office. The services and decor are professional. I love being next to the courthouse, other lawyers for networking, services, and the transit line! The MoreLaw Minneapolis people get what we need, because they’re lawyers too! I can focus on my practice because I no longer worry about being nickel-and-dimed like other office suites. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never does!

Satveer Chaudhary

Immigration Attorney, Chaudhary Law Office

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked from time to time, but this list isn’t by any means exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

How long is the lease?

We prefer to start with a one year lease, although we will make exceptions in special circumstances. After the lease term, it goes month to month. We’ve had people in our community who have been month to month for years now.

Do I need to bring my own furniture?

We sometimes have furniture that you can use, and sometimes we don’t. If you let us know you need furniture, we’ll be glad to show you what we have on hand, if anything. If you have your own furniture, by all means use it if that is your desire. 

Can I personalize my office?

We encourage people to make their office just as they would like it to be. If you buy the paint, we will have it painted. We’ll even help you hang your pictures. 

Can I bring my dog or my kids to the office?

We have a dog and kid friendly office, as long as the dogs and the kids are well behaved. For the kids, we have games in the cradenza in the 3rd floor kitchen, and there’s the TV lounge there, too. We know. On days with the kids are out of school, you have to entertain them somehow.

What if another office I like better comes available and I’m still under my lease?

When an office opens up, we offer it to our current community members before offering it anyone outside. When an office (especially a window office) opens up, there’s often a flurry of office moving as people pick prime spots. If you’re under a lease and you want to switch offices, we’ll let you.

What about the office services?

All the office services in the virtual packages are included in your physical office membership, except that you get 20 hours of conference room time included each month. You should go over to the Virtual Office Services page and read those FAQ’s since they (mostly) apply to you, as well.

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