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Minnesota Registered Agent Service

All businesses registered in Minnesota must have someone within the state who can accept official notices and process of service on behalf of the company. We serve as that agent for out of state businesses that need a local agent and Minnesota businesses that want to have a third party act as the business’ agent. 


Fully staffed, local agents

Did you know that certain registered agent service companies aren’t local to Minnesota, and outsource their agency duties to third parties? It’s true.

We are local, fully staffed, and 100% responsible as your agent. With us, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the company you hired has passed you off to someone who doesn’t care.

If the worst case scenario does happen and your buisiness gets sued, we will be glad to give you referrals to attorneys we know and trust who can help you. Just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked from time to time, but this list isn’t by any means exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If you are my registered agent, will you receive my regular business mail?

As your Minnesota registered agent, we accept official notices and service of process on your behalf, but not your day to day business mail. If you would like us to also handle your day to day business mail, you’ll need to sign up for one of our Mailbox Services. You can check that out here.

What does “service of process” mean?

For a lawsuit to start, it must be served on the defendant (the person or company being sued) by a process server or a county sheriff. You may have seen this happen in the movies, where the process server says “You have been served” and hands the paperwork to the person.

How will you contact me if you receive something for me?

For us to be your agent, we need your name, address, phone number, and email, and a copy of your driver’s license. We will call you first, and if we don’t reach you, we will leave a message and also send you an email. If you cannot reach you by phone or email, we will send the documents to the last address we have on file for you. It is imperative that you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact info!

If I am served with a lawsuit, how long do I have to respond?

Typically, you must respond within twenty-one days of being served. If you are going to work with an attorney, that lawyer may be too busy to help you if you contact them too close to the twenty-one day deadline. It’s really best to get the information as soon as you can and take it to your attorney as quickly as you can.

I don’t know any Minnesota attorneys. Do you have someone who can help me?

We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice or represent people in legal matters, but we are in a position to know a lot of lawyers. Seriously – A LOT. We will be glad to give you a handful of referrals for lawyers we know and trust who could assist you. You will need to contact them and set up an appointment to see who you would want to hire.

If I am sued, can you just have a lawyer contact me?

No. By the rules of the legal profession, you must contact the lawyer, they cannot contact you. 

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