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Hourly Conference Room Rental

Anyone who needs a meeting room can book our conference rooms and boardroom by the hour, half day, or full day. Rentals include wi-fi internet, phone, easel and whiteboard, and coffee/tea service.


Need logistical support?

We have people who come into Minneapolis from all over the country for meetings and depositions. We will be glad to assist you with directing you to nearby (and skyway connected) hotels, recommending car service providers, and otherwise giving you the inside scoop that you need to make your trip a bit easier. Just let us know you’re coming in from out of town, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

Satisfied Conference Room Rental Customers

“Whenever I need a professional environment to meet with clients in Minneapolis, MoreLaw is the only place I look. MoreLaw is located very near both of the downtown Minneapolis courthouses which makes it a very convenient meeting location. Additionally, the conference rooms have all the technology I need, the space is fantastically decorated, and everyone is professional and courteous to me and my clients.

Jennifer Congdon

Criminal Defense Attorney, Jennifer Congdon Law

“MoreLaw has a beautiful space with convenient parking (on-street parking is some of the most reasonably priced in downtown Minneapolis). The owners are always on-site when it is open, so if there were ever to be a problem, you can be sure that it will be addressed immediately. I generally work from home, so I have used their conference rooms for client meetings — scheduling was easy, doing business was pleasant, and the facilities were perfect for having a confidential discussion is a professional-looking setting. My client arrived before I did, and Sara made sure he was comfortable while he waited.

Kelcey Patrick-Ferree

Business Law Attorney, Law Office of Kelcey Patrick-Ferree

Last year I hosted my fundraising party at MoreLaw Minneapolis. In addition to providing a beautiful space in a historic downtown location, they were friendly and more than accommodating. Since then, I have periodically used their boardroom and have been very pleased with the courtesy and service given to me and my staff.”

Robert Lilligren

Former City Council Vice President, City of Minneapolis

So far I have mediated 2 very high conflict cases at MoreLaw, and look forward to resolving many more cases there. Reserving conference rooms was absolutely seamless. And they did a beautiful job of setting up the room, welcoming my clients and providing the necessary tools and environment for the work. I have come to count on MoreLaw for office space.

Anita Motolinia

Mediator, Anita Motolinia Mediation

When I think about MoreLaw offices the first word that comes to mind is convenient. I have been to MoreLaw facilities on multiple occasions to lead seminars, and I am always surprised by how easy it is to get there. After leading seminars for over 10 years I am clear that the biggest factor in attendance is convenience for the people attending. The facilities are top notch and it is freshening to be able to walk into a room with plenty of natural lighting. I also appreciate the different size offices that can comfortably hold 20 people or create a welcoming space for 3 people. The 3 times that I have used the MoreLaw offices the events have all been successful and I look forward to going back.

Phillip Rand

Center Manager, Landmark Worldwide

My colleague and I had a chance to use the MoreLaw facilities for a training seminar on mobile technology and how it affects marketing for attorneys. The offices are of the highest quality and the feel of professionalism permeates the atmosphere. Because the offices are located directly across from the Federal courthouse with easy parking solutions, we found it very easy to access quickly and efficiently. We used the large conference room with has a beautiful conference table, a flat screen TV for any media presentations, and the staff made sure our attendees had beverages and any other comforts that might be required. This was an excellent experience hosted by a very professional group of people. Our event was a success and we will definitely be using MoreLaw for future training and presentation sessions.

Bruce Lawrence

CEO, Prosperity Partner Media

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked from time to time, but this list isn’t by any means exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If my client no-shows, will I still be charged?

Heck, no! You’ll only pay for the time you use and we feel that charging you for a no-show client is like adding salt to a wound. 

How can I book a conference room?

Hourly renters are always welcome to use our online booking reservation system, accessible from the “Make a Reservation” button on our home page. We don’t mind at all, though, if you give us a call or send us an email to check availability and make a booking.

Will I be charged extra for coffee or water?

Nope; coffee, tea, and water are included. You can offer your guests soda and we’ll charge you $0.75 per can for that. 

I’ll need to make some copies while I’m there. How does that work?

We’ll be glad to make copies for you, or set you up with your own copier code if you have a lot of copies or become a frequent flyer. If you have something to print, you can email it to the receptionist and they will handle printing it for you. B/W copies are $0.05 each and color copies are $0.15 each.

The clients I’m meeting may bring small children. Is that okay?

It happens from time to time that parents need to bring the kids with them to a client meeting. We have a toy box with toys for little ones, dolls and games for the middle kids, and the older kids get parked in front of the TV in the 3rd floor lounge. 

I’ll already be downtown for another meeting, but I may get out from that one a bit early for my meeting at MoreLaw. Should I come over early?

Yes! If we have some free space, we can set you up so you can get some work done. If you come on one of the relatively rare days where the rooms are booked back-to-back, then you can hang out in our main lounge and (possibly) get some work done.

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